How Survault Earnings Are Unlimited

Current Survey Platform Limitations

Unlike other survey platforms that exist, with Survault, you're not limited to the amount of money you can make.

Other survey systems may not mention limits, but in essence, you're limited to the amount of surveys you can do. There are only a certain amount of hours is a day, therefore there is a limit to the amount of surveys you can do.

How Survault is Unlimited

With Survault, you do not simply earn off of your own activity. You can earn off of an unlimited number of others as well. All you have to do is invite people to join Survault for free and help them do the same.

Survault will match the points of referrals up to 5 levels deep, which means you can earn way more points not spending more time.

What Kind of Numbers Are We Talking?

Let's lay out a few numbers based on you inviting just 7 people and them doing the same. We'll also assume, for simplicity's sake, that everyone is only doing the bare minimum every week. 100 points.

  • Your own points: you earned 100 points.
  • Your first level's points: 7 people earned 100 points. That's 700 more points to you!
  • Your second level's points: 49 people earned 100 points. That's 4,900 points that you'll get.
  • Your third level's points: 34,300 more points for you and you haven't had to spend any more time doing surveys!
  • Your fourth level's points: 240,100 points!!
  • Your fifth and final level: 1,680,700 points! Wow!!

That's a whopping total of 1,960,800 points. And all you earned for yourself was 100.

Survault pays $1 for every 2,000 points that you collect, so if you've already done the math, I'm sure you're eyebrows are up and mouth is open.

That would be the equivalent of earning $980.40 per week.

And because you're not limited to only inviting 7 people, that makes it unlimited!

Using the same example with only 10 people, you're earning $5,000 per week! With 15, you're almost to $38,000 per week!

Leveraging others is the only way to get there, so start inviting people today!